Saturday, August 6, 2011

More pictures

This is an example of some of the new pictures I have added to the Photo Album of unknown pictures.
These pictures were important to some family many years ago and i would like to give pictures back to them.  Please contact me with any questions or comments at

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dphares said...


I wanted to mention an extremely valuable resource I came across in my family history research recently. Many of my paternal ancestors are from Akron, Ohio and I found the old City of Akron Directories online at They have directories from 1859 to 1969 each in pdf format. They list each person living in the city for that year along with their home address, spouse and occupation/employer. This has been a fantastic resource for me because it allows me to track my ancestors from year to year - where they lived, worked, when they came to the city, when they left the city, got married, when their children turned 16 (children are not listed in the directory until they they turn 16) and when spouses died (widows get a "wid" designation next to their name). Many large cities in America produced these types of directories
over the years.

David Phares

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